Storing Electronics For The Summer Or Winter? Keep These Important Tips In Mind

If you're moving to a new location or starting a new job, you may need to place some things in storage, including your computers and other electronic devices. Although placing your items in storage is a great idea, it's important to take a few precautions with them. If you choose the wrong storage unit or use the wrong containers for your electronics, they can experience some problems, including rust and breakage. Keep these important tips mind when storing your electronics.

Secure Your Electronics

Although most electronic devices are built to withstand everyday usage, some items can break or crack from excessive stress. You'll need to secure your laptops, phones, and tablets properly before you pack and store them. If you don't secure your items, they could slide around inside their containers and break.

If you can't use the original packaging for your electronics, use storage double- or triple-walled corrugated boxes instead. Corrugated boxes are made of strong cardboard and feature fluted walls. Flutes help support and cushion items during and after transient. You can select boxes in different sizes, such as flat and wide, to accommodate your the shapes and sizes of your electronics.

After you select the right boxes for your electronics, choose your storage unit.

Keep Your Items Cool and Comfortable

Heat and moisture can damage electronics and their parts. Some electronics can corrode if you expose them to the wrong conditions. It's important to choose a storage unit with climate controlled features. A climate controlled environment keeps the unit cool during the summer and comfortable during the winter. Moisture can make an environment feel humid, even during cool weather.

You also want to use a unit that doesn't require you to stack your items on top of each other. Try to avoid stacking your electronics when you store them. Some items may be heavy enough to crack electronics with thin casings or covers. If you must stack some of your electronics, place a soft cloth or foam pad between them. The cloth or foam can help support the weight of the items.

If you have problems choosing a unit for your items, speak directly with a storage facility. A facility may offer units in different sizes and styles. In addition, a facility may offer advice on how to store your items properly.

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