Make The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit With These Tips

If you are in the market for a storage unit, you're likely looking for a place to stash extra furniture or seasonal items you don't need right now, or maybe you need some extra room for your personal hobby. Whatever the reason, you are likely interested in getting the most out of your new storage space. To that end, here are some tips that might help.

Create a List of Everything You Are Putting Inside

If this storage unit is something you intend to use for years, it's important to remember what you have in each box, even that one way in the back that you haven't touched in months. To assist with this, document what is inside each box as it goes into the storage unit. If you remove something, take it off the list. You don't want to put something important in storage but then forget it's there as the months go by, leaving you scrambling when the time comes for you to actually make use of it.

Get Maximum Stacks with Same Size Boxes

Typically, common wisdom is that heavier or larger boxes go on the bottom and smaller or light boxes go on top. But here's a different idea: if you can, consider making every box in the storage unit the same size. You'll still want to put the boxes with heavier stuff towards the bottom, but having absolutely every box be the same size may help you stack your boxes up to the ceiling in your space without worrying about something falling. There's less opportunity for things to get all topsy-turvy when every box is the same size.

Label Everything

That master list you've already created will of course help, but you can take things a step further by individually labeling every box as well. When you go to the storage unit to retrieve your stuff, you'll likely want to get in and out quickly and not wonder which box you put something in. A label on each box should go a long way towards helping you keep things clear.

Put Items You'll Use Most Towards the Front

Why climb over boxes every time you go to your unit if you don't have to? Put the seasonal items you only need once a year in the back, and put the items you might use every month right up front.

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