Moving? 5 Reasons Not To Opt For On-Site Storage Containers

When you move, you have more options for storing your stuff than ever before. Some homeowners are opting for the seeming convenience and flexibility offered by on-site storage containers. But should you skip this trend and store your extra things off-site in traditional storage units instead? The answer may be yes, and here are a few reasons why.

1. A More Appealing Appearance

If you're cleaning out extra household items in order to sell your home, you want the property to look as nice as possible. But greeting potential buyers with a large container — or containers — as they arrive won't help that cause. 

2. Larger Space to Work In

On-site storage containers are not designed to serve as anything but space for storing things in place. However, many people need more room to do things related to the move and the storage of their stuff. If you want to spread out, budget storage pods aren't the most comfortable option. Instead, look for a temperature-controlled, properly-sized storage unit with electricity and protection from the weather. 

3. Handling Off-Site Transactions

Preparation for moving often includes selling furnishings and goods in person or online, as well as arranging for donations and pickups. But you may not want all of these activities to happen at your home. It could get in the way of appealing to buyers, especially if they may stop by at any time. It could also be emotionally or physically challenging for some. A separate storage unit is a great place to move these and other transactions instead. 

4. Not Annoying the Association

Will your landlord, condo association, homeowners association, or your city's ordinances allow you to leave a container on your property or street? How long can you leave it in place, and what rules will you have to follow? You may find that simply taking things to a professional storage facility maintains good relations, keeps the neighbors happy, and prevents time limitations. 

5. Access to Your Things

On-site storage containers generally offer two methods of storage. You can leave the container where it is — usually in your driveway or on the curb — or you may have it transported, stored, and delivered by the company. If you opt for the latter, you lose access to what's inside for some or all of the rental period. 

Where to Start

Ready to see what off-site storage units can offer that a container in your yard can't? Start by touring facilities near you today.