Here Are The Best Shoe-Packing Tips For Your Move

If you are planning to move, and you have a sizable collection of shoes, then you should know how to pack them before your moving day arrives. You need to pack them in a way that they won't get damaged in transit, they don't occupy too much space, and they will also be accessible when you reach your destination. Here are a few practical tips to help with all those:

Clean the Shoes

Most things need to be cleaned before storage, and shoes are no exception. Clean them to get rid of the dust, moisture, and sweat that they may have collected in storage or everyday use. Packing dirty shoes will make them smelly and moldy, especially during long-distance moves.

Wrap Up the Shoes Individually

Once the shoes are dry, you should wrap them up to prevent them from getting dirty, wet, or damaged during the move. Wrap up the shoes individually so that they don't get scuff marks during the move. A sharp heel can easily damage another shoe if they are wrapped together.

Stuff Up the Shoes

The moving boxes will probably be stacked up during the move, which means the shoes can lose their shape if they are left hollow. Therefore, stuff up the shoes using appropriate materials, such as socks, stocking, or paper to help maintain the shape of the shoes throughout the move. This is also a good way of packing and moving your socks.

Use Original Show Boxes

It's always best to store things in their original boxes if the boxes are available. This is because the original boxes were custom designed and constructed to offer the best protection for those specific shoes. This means they will protect your shoes better than generic boxes.

Keep Pairs Together

Keeping similar pairs of shoes together is not necessary for protecting them, but it will help you during unpacking. For example, you will appreciate the move when you finally get to your destination and want to slip into your most comfortable pair of shoes. In such a situation, you don't want to unpack a shoe box only to find that only the left shoe is there.

Arrange the Shoes Appropriately

Lastly, you should not just throw the shoes in their boxes; you need to arrange them to minimize the risk of potential damage and occupy the least space possible. For example, the best way to arrange the shoes so that they occupy minimal space is to place them heel to toe.

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