Three Ways Your Business Can Benefit By Using Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Containers

Heavy duty plastic storage containers come in various sizes and designs, so they can be used in different applications for your business. For a company engaged in light manufacturing or small runs of product assembly, heavy duty storage containers offer many benefits. The following are a few things to consider about these useful containers.

Storing materials at your facility

Whether you are using certain materials for light manufacturing or kitting for assembly at another facility, you need to store various raw materials. Heavy duty plastic offers a ruggedness that is second only to metal, but it is lightweight and lower in cost than metal. It offers greater durability than you find with cardboard, even a heavy duty cardboard. You can stack these containers, or use bulk bins, for materials that are commonly used.

Shipping back and forth between facilities by air or boat

If you are shipping supplies, components, or kits to a manufacturing facility for final assembly, you should consider using heavy duty storage containers. This is especially true if you are currently using cardboard boxes. Although you can reuse cardboard boxes, they have a much shorter lifespan that heavy duty plastic. There is also less chance of damage to the contents with strong plastic. This includes damage from the elements along with the force of impact. Final goods can be shipped directly to your warehouse, using the same containers you used to ship the raw materials to your assembly facility.

Shipping materials by truck

If you are using trucks to move inventory or raw materials from one location to another, and are using a forklift to load and unload your goods, then you should consider replacing the use of wooden pallets with heavy duty plastic bins. There are plastic bins designed for use with a forklift, and they offer many advantages. Wooden pallets will break and wear down more quickly than the strong plastic that these bins are made of. In addition, they are storage units, so nothing needs to be unpacked. The same bins you used for shipping, you can now use for storage. You can also reuse them to ship to another facility.

How many uses you will have for these heavy duty plastic bins will depend on the specific type of business you have, but the information above should be helpful. You should take some time to look at what materials and methods you are using for material storage. You can then look at the wide range of heavy duty plastic storage units available, and you will begin to see how they can fit your storage requirements.