Buying And Storing A Piano As A Birthday Gift

For an avid piano player, there is no better gift than a baby grand piano. If you are purchasing a piano for someone that you love, the time to start looking is many months prior to their birthday. When you purchase a piano, you will need to make sure that it matches the playing style of the person that you are buying for. The piano will also need to match the decor style for their home in order in order to be a classy addition to the house. Here are three steps to buying and storing a piano that you wish to give as a gift. 

Find movers to take the piano

Buying the piano will be the easy part. Moving a baby grand piano will be the difficult part. Find movers who have a specialty in moving pianos from one place to another. This way, you are assured to get a company of movers who have the right equipment to load and secure a piano so that it is not broken in transit. Since pianos have a lot of internal parts that must remain in factory condition, ensuring that the piano will not be damaged at the top is crucial. If you are having trouble finding movers on your own, ask the piano store for recommendations. 

Look for a storage facility

In order to keep a baby grand piano safe before its final delivery, you will need to find a proper storage facility. There are piano storage services that offer piano storage for both those who travel with their instrument on the road and those who need temporary storage until the piano is moved into their home. Have a look at the facility before you board your piano there to make sure that the facility has temperature-controlled storage rooms and does not have any hazards that could cause the piano to degrade. 

Shine it up before delivery

In the days before the piano will be delivered as a gift, you should go to the piano storage facility and clean the piano off. If the wood of the frame needs to be waxed and shined, this would be the best time to do so. Performing piano cleaning a few days before gives you time to make sure the gift is in the best condition without needing to run around to do the cleaning on the day of the party. Before leaving the piano for the last time, make sure that it is covered well to keep it from dust and so it is prepared to leave the facility when necessary. 

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